Car Keys and Remote



Hilton Lock & Key is a 24-hour locksmith in Denver that offers 24 Hour Automotive Locksmith Services and Car Key replacement services. If you have lost all your keys, we can assist you with car key replacement and car key programming services. Our experienced technicians can manufacture and program a replacement car key anywhere that you are!


Transponder Car Key Replacement

Not sure what to expect if you have lost or damaged your car key? Don't worry; we can take care of it. Almost all cars after 1996 require a transponder key to start the engine. If the vehicle doesn't detect a programmed transponder key, it will not start. We have all transponder key types available, making any car key replacement simple.


Smart Key, Proximity Key, Fob Key, Or

Push to Start Car Key Replacement


Don't let a broken car key or fob key stop you from enjoying your vehicle and the freedom it provides. We have a wide range of replacement fob keys and transponder keys available. We stand ready to provide the solution. Our expert technicians can program fob keys to work on various automotive systems with special computer equipment, including Audi, Land Rover, and Lexus. In addition, advanced system testing ensures that your key will work every time!


Car Key Replacement & Programming Cost


Our Car Key Replacement & Programming costs can range in price from $89 to $325 based on the complexity of your vehicle's system and the type of key required. For example, transponder keys only have a key blade and the microchip necessary for programming, making them cost less than the fob keys with more electronics and buttons.


If you have any existing keys, please have those with you at the time of service. Our technicians will ensure that any existing keys stay programmed. If you have lost all keys, only the keys provided at the time of service will start the engine. Our technicians will remove any lost key from the vehicle's computer system.


Do Car Dealerships offer Car Key replacement? 


Yes, but for a much larger price tag. You can either contact a full-service mobile locksmith or have your car towed to a dealership to remedy your problem. Remember that our pricing is a fraction of what the dealership would charge. So save yourself the price of the tow and the hassle of a dealership. Instead, call us at 720-671-3028; we will save you money and headache. We offer car key replacement 24/7.

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