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Reliable Key Extraction Services in Denver at an Affordable Price

Has the lock at your house or office been jammed? Are you stuck with a broken key leaving you locked out? The Hilton Lock & Key team is here to solve your problem with 24-hour key extraction services!
There’s no doubt that starting your day off by holding a broken key can be one of the most annoying and unfortunate mishaps that any person can go through. Though it may feel like it can’t happen to you or the chances of your key breaking off within the lock are rare - let us break the myth. It’s a more common incident than homeowners generally imagine. Whatever the case is - we can fix your issue and provide you with reliable residential key extraction services in Denver, Colorado.
Looking for help with car key extraction services instead? We do that too!
It’s common for house or car keys to get trapped or broken halfway into the lock. It generally happens when you are in a rush. Don’t leave this job to an amateur. We have seen people melt hot glue sticks and shove them into their locks, completely ruining any chance of extraction. Our team of expert and skilled locksmiths in Denver will do it with precision. You only have to call us, and one of our professional locksmiths will extract the key to ensure it does not damage the lock’s functionality.


We are present where our customers need us. Our 24-hour locksmiths know that issues such as broken or jammed keys can occur to anyone and at any time. That’s the reason we are always available. Try our quick & affordable broken key extraction services to get professional assistance as fast as possible. 


Your safety & peace of mind matter to us. We perform detailed background checks for all our locksmiths. As a result, you can rest assured of enjoying the highest-quality key extraction services near you.

Get in touch now & we will instantly send over a locksmith to your location!